A New Era of Education

There are many education solutions out there today. You could go to college and spend four to seven years learning about something you have no interest in, or spend weeks or just a few months with one of our career paths and walk away with skills. Add that with great insight from people who actually do that job for a living. 

Computer / Programming

Walk away from our programs with real skills, real talent, and most of all real passion for this amazing and upcoming expertiese.

Real Estate

Looking to become a real estate agent, or any part of real estate? Our courses will help you grasp the ropes, pull on them and learn how to be a powerhouse player in the real estate market.


Did you ever play games and wonder if you could create your own? With our courses we will teach you the basics of programming, and walk away making your first game.


Security Solutions & Services

Are you a company struggling to find talent that matches what you do? We have programs that will customize talent for you. We do this by sending in one of our own to learn what you need, negociate what type of talent would fit the bill, and then either you provide or we can train staff to do what you need. On average this has saved companies thousands in wasted time for staff that just isn’t passionate about their jobs. You’ll be suprised in how we accomplish this.

If you think its expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateure!


What We Offer

After you’ve attended our educational classes, we offer programs to keep you ahead of the curve. For example if you were a programmer in one of our 2015 classes you could revisit our ‘suggested’ paths to add to your skill set. Why? There are many others that simply get lazy in their job and go with what they know. We give you an chance to answer a few questions, then suggest what might be next for you. 

Education Analysis

We work with you to find out what you’re really good at from a pyscology level, then go from there. 

Education Services

We would then provide you with job positions and have mock interviews to see if you would fit the bill or even want to entertain work in that skill set.

Education Solutions

Just because you started your new job, doesn’t mean you’re done here. We keep in touch with you and see how things are going, see how we can improve, and most of all see if you want to spend time (getting paid) do mentor others.

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