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Why Customers Are #1

I have worked in customer service for the bulk of my time on Earth. I think most of us have in one way or another. Whether you work at a restaurant clearing tables (my first job) or as a trainer in a call center (one of my least favorite roles) or at a horse farm (my...

Stop, Thief! You stole my domain!

  It happens every single day. You type in "" and the site you are looking for is not the one that you hoped would magically appear on your screen. Instead, you get a strange page and see one of many messages that the site you are looking for is...

A Facebook Friendship’s Tragic Ending

I read an article today about an app you can download to your cell phone to see who “unfriended” you on Facebook. Would you really want to know? I'll admit that I got upset yesterday when I realized someone whom I believed to be a good friend "unfriended" me. I keep...

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