Your home looks amazing inside, outside you covered areas with mulch and you’re ready to sell right? Not so fast, you really need to invite the buyer into their next dream house & decide whether or not it’s “the one” well before they step foot in it. With today’s technology overhaul, home buying is less like a blind date and far more like online dating.

To snag those online suitors, it is absolutely essential that your home’s “profile pictures” are nothing less than amazing. Some casual pictures of your home looking “lived in” is just not going to cut it in today’s market.

You must go that extra mile and get your home all dressed up to create photos that are much more attractive in order to earn that “first date”. Chances are with a series of show-stopping pictures, courting those prospective buyers will be a breeze! So, how do you stage your home just right?


We offered a few helpful hints in staging & photographing your home here, and we briefly touched on bringing some life into your home with fresh flowers and plants in that post. Well today, we want to dive into that idea a bit further, because we feel flowers take those photos to the next level, which might just turn one of those lucky first dates into a real “keeper” (if you know what we mean!). Have you looked at homes here on RocSite with and without flowers? Color makes them pop.

Plus, now that it’s officially feeling more summer we figured a post all about flowers would be a fun way to welcome the new season.

When you’re prepping your home for potential buyers, you will most likely de-clutter your space. That means picture frames, personal mementos, and heartfelt souvenirs will all be boxed up and stored away. Once you take all of that away, your home may look a bit empty… that’s where fresh flowers and plants come into play.

There is no need to go out and buy expensive flowers to cover all of the open counter space in your home. Instead realize that a little bit goes a long way. A daisy in a small vase might look great near the kitchen sink. Or a cluster of white hydrangeas snipped from your yard (f-r-e-e-!) might look fantastic on your bathroom countertop. Don’t stress out and don’t shell out big bucks. Instead keep it simple.

Fresh flowers won’t just improve the look of your home, they can improve the smell of your home too…which can make or break a potential buyer’s “first date” at an open house. Bring fresh fragrance inside to infuse wonderful scents into your house. Because smell can impact mood, this can change the overall feel of the space for buyers.



If you’re looking for something with a little less maintenance (any other brown thumbs out there?), then succulents may be for you! These lil’ guys require less sunlight, less water, and less care. That sounds like our kind of plant!


Regardless of what flowers you bring into your home, it’s important to use this extra life & color to dress up your place in order to sell. Flowers help highlight all your home has to offer, and will help bring those prospective buyers off their computers and at your doorstep in order to sneak a real peek, and hopefully seal a real deal!