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Exceptional Earnings Structure:

Elevated Splits for Proactive Agents: Enjoy an 80/20 split if you close 2+ deals in your first month. With $450/transaction fee, plus enjoy, a reduced transaction fee of $75 for those who have had completed over 15 transactions end-to-end, and continue to in their career.

Rewarding Progression: After your first 5 deals, you’ll move to a lucrative 60/40 split, quickly transitioning to an 80/20 split. Same reduced fee applies for high achievers.

Earn More with Supplied Leads: Benefit from a 60/40 split with a $450 transaction fee on leads we provide, or $75 for those who have completed over 15 end-to-end transactions and continue to in their career.

100% Commission Milestone: Hit your stride with a 100% commission after accruing $15k GCI within your anniversary year, minus a nominal $450 transaction fee on leads we provide, or $75 for those who have completed over 15 end-to-end transactions and continue to in their career. Note: This does not include leads provided by RocSite.

Exclusive Agent Benefits:

Two Free Personal Transactions Annually: each anniversary with us enjoy two complimentary transactions, provided you’ve completed 3+ additional deals in the year. Plus $450 transaction fee on leads we provide, or $75 for those who have completed over 15 end-to-end transactions and continue to in their career.

Mentorship Rewards: Earn $300 per transaction as a mentor, fostering the next generation of real estate professionals through three transactions along with a completed certification of both you and the mentee.

Investment in Your Success: We provide robust lead generation systems, averaging 5+ leads monthly, to keep your pipeline full.

Personal Branding Tools: Get your own branded website, comprehensive marketing resources, and a CRM system for just $35/month.

Exclusive Access to Client Lists: Dive into our extensive past client database and lists of leads, giving you a competitive edge right from the start.

Why RocSite Homes?

We’re not just about transactions; we’re about building careers. At RocSite Homes, you’ll find a community that values growth, supports success, and celebrates every milestone. Our progressive commission structure, investment in technology, and commitment to personal branding set us apart. We’re here to see you thrive.

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What We Offer to Every New Agent:

  • Professional Office Space: Settle into your new professional home with our dedicated office space in Hillsborough, NC. A perfect blend of comfort and professionalism to meet your clients and grow your network.

  • New Agent Starter Kit: Kickstart your career with our carefully curated starter kit. It includes 250 business cards with digital options, 15 high-quality presentation folders, a comprehensive welcome booklet loaded with essential resources, an eye-catching RocSite Realty sticker, and a branded mug for a touch of personal flair.

  • Personalized Signage: Stand out with our provided signs. You have the freedom to create your own branded signs, all carrying the prestigious “Brokered By RocSite Homes” logo, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.

  • Dedicated Support: Any questions or need for information? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 919-289-8482. Our team is always ready to assist.

  • Agent Scripts and Coaching Materials: Gain an edge with our exclusive scripts and coaching materials, designed to refine your selling techniques and client interactions. These resources are tailored to help you navigate various real estate scenarios with confidence and expertise.

Why Choose RocSite Homes? At RocSite Homes, we believe in equipping our agents with the tools and support they need for a thriving career. From advanced resources to personalized branding and continuous learning, we’re committed to your growth and success in the dynamic world of real estate.

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