We designed this to work with Pubs & Bars, but it can also be used for Wine Bars, Breweries, Wineries and various types of casual restaurants.



This elegant mobile app template will work well for various businesses. We designed this to work with Pubs & Bars, but it can also be used for Wine Bars, Breweries, Wineries and various types of casual restaurants. Customers also have the ability to order food online if you choose to set up that option.  We originally designed this to work with pizza shops and restaurants to show off their great dishes and sell them quickly to their customers. Many have gone as far as removing their entire POS system and installing a simple cash register along with their own branded app in their place of business.

Available Features with this App

– Online ordering – Brand your company not someone else’s by replacing all the other ‘Grub’ apps with this one banded with your name.

– Backend console – Use this to see incoming orders. Print feature to print the order out.

– Customer tracking – Every user that uses your app to order creates an account that can be used for e-mail campaigns.

– Kiosks Available – Allow your customers to order directly in your restaurant, using Your App!

– Table / Booth Mode – Just imagine your customers typing in a table number at your restaurant, ordering, paying from their phone or tablets at your tables like the Big Restaurant chains have.

– Customer Loyalty Program – Give repeat customers incentives using your mobile app to return again by offering them a discount after so many items.

– Geo fencing – Alert customers in your area that have your app that they’re close by and within delivery area.

– SMS Texting – Auto send out text alerts for your customer orders

– Notifications – Send your customers that have the app installed a special announcement. Special event on TV? Send out your one time deal if they order today only.

– Multiple Locations – Have more than one restaurant ? No problem your app can cover multiple locations

– Scheduled Orders – Give your customers the ability to order and pay for their food before you open and schedule it for pickup. Simply call them when their order will be ready.

– Tablets! Tablets! Tablets! – We can ship you as many tablets, any size, android or apple, you tell us what you want. It will come with your customized with your app in a kiosk mode (locked down to only your app) and tablets for your kitchen, front counter, office, where ever.

– Inventory Tracking – Need to keep track of your beans? Thousands of dollars are lost to mismanaged inventory.

– Labor Tracking – Track and watch labor costs. Forecast your labor based on your past profit/loss. Make your labor costs go from 80% to 25% if you manage it right.

– Deal of the Day! – Do you offer weekly specials? Discount items on special days so your customers don’t have to type in some ‘code’ or ‘coupon.’

– Reservations – Need to offer reservations for your guests? We can build that into your app too.

– Drive Thru Timer – Give your staff the ablity to track turn around time. Workflow – order -> prepare -> deliver food. Work on this and your customer service will go through the roof.

– POS Integration – We offer to feed all orders into your current POS system. However 99% of our customers have removed their POS system and went directly to using our systems for all customer orders.

 Credit Card Processing – Are you sick of these guys stopping by on a daily basis? Many businesses are scared to death of the credit card processor guy sleeping in their car in your parking lot stalking you. No more, part of of the percentage we take from your online orders are directly spent on credit card processing. You can find out more by clicking on this link – “How You Get Paid.”

– Reporting – All sorts of reporting on everything you like. We can even make custom reports that can be delivered in almost any format you require.

– Video / Camera – Our kiosks can take video or pictures of each user during a transaction.


To start on your journey of creating your own mobile app just select the plan from below, answer the questions and submit your payment. We’ll get in touch with you within five business days with a video of your mobile app to show you how it will work. Once you approve, we’ll publish it to the requested locations for you to download and share with your customers.


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