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• Activate your data in real-time to better target, personalize and measure all interactions

• Connect with customers through a seamless email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews experience

• Guide your marketing with built-in AI, automation, predictive analytics, and benchmarks

• Grow your audience, your customer lifetime value, and your total value

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Trusted by Real Estate Agents & Brokerages as a marketing automation leader

What You Get for your Agents

  • Cloud Website: Access a modern, cloud-based website populated by the latest IDX feeds from numerous MLSs.

  • CRM: Enjoy two versions of an AI-enabled CRM with the same data, including a personal phone number for direct texting and calling.

  • Newsletter & Drip Campaigns: Automated marketing options to keep your clients engaged.

  • SEO & Performance Enhancements: Boost your online presence with advanced SEO and performance improvements.

  • Advanced Technology: Benefit from fast and reliable technology using MySQL, Elasticsearch, AWS, and other cloud solutions.

  • Mobile Applications: Access mobile apps for both iOS and Android, available for users and backend operations.

  • Mobile-Enabled CRM: Manage client interactions on the go with a mobile-enabled CRM that includes phone and SMS capabilities, integrated with AI-driven real estate coaching.

  • AI-Driven Lead Management: Respond to leads and engage in full conversations even while you sleep, thanks to our proprietary LLM and AI-enabled chat systems.

What You Get with Our Brokerage Solution

  • Cloud Website: A robust, cloud-based platform populated by the latest IDX feeds from numerous MLSs.

  • CRM: Two versions of an AI-enabled CRM with consistent data across both, featuring a personal phone number for direct texting and calling. Integrates with your frontend CRM 

  • Full Transaction Integration: Seamlessly integrated with document signing for streamlined transaction management and team collaboration.

  • Compliance Features: Comprehensive tools from , including document management, compliance tracking, and transaction coordination.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Fast and reliable infrastructure and other top-tier cloud solutions.

Our backend solutions combine the best features so you have all the tools you need for efficient and effective real estate management.

Prices start from $49 / month

Realtor Stories

Sarah M. “As a real estate agent, managing client interactions efficiently was always a challenge. RocSite’s AI-enabled CRM has revolutionized my workflow. The personal phone number feature allows me to text and call directly from the CRM, which saves me time and keeps all my communications organized. The automated newsletter and drip campaigns have kept my clients engaged without extra effort on my part. Since using RocSite, I’ve seen a significant increase in my client satisfaction and closed deals.”

John D. “I’ve been in real estate for over a decade, and the integration of RocSite’s mobile applications has been a game-changer. With the mobile-enabled CRM, I can manage client interactions on the go, including phone and SMS capabilities. This flexibility has allowed me to provide better service to my clients and stay on top of my leads, even when I’m out in the field. The AI-driven lead management system is fantastic; I can have conversations with leads even while I’m sleeping, ensuring no opportunity is missed.”

Emily R. “RocSite’s platform has enhanced my online presence significantly. The advanced SEO tools and performance enhancements have boosted my website traffic, leading to more inquiries and potential clients. The cutting-edge technology using MySQL, Elasticsearch, AWS, and cloud solutions ensures that my website is always fast and reliable. Additionally, the AI-driven real estate coaching integrated into the CRM has helped me refine my strategies and improve my overall performance.”

Broker Stories

Michael A. “As a broker, seamless transaction management is crucial for my team. RocSite’s full transaction integration with document signing and compliance features has streamlined our processes. The collaboration tools have improved team communication and efficiency, allowing us to close deals faster and with fewer errors. RocSite’s backend solutions have truly transformed how we operate, making us more competitive in the market.”

Linda P. “Compliance tracking and document management used to be a headache for my brokerage. RocSite’s comprehensive tools from Total Brokerage have made these tasks much more manageable. The reliable infrastructure and top-tier cloud solutions ensure that our data is secure and accessible. Since adopting RocSite’s backend solutions, we’ve been able to focus more on growing our business and less on administrative tasks.”

David S. “Integrating RocSite’s technology into our brokerage has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The AI-enabled CRM, combined with the personal phone number for direct texting and calling, has empowered our agents to work more efficiently. The mobile applications for both user-facing and backend operations ensure that our team can stay productive no matter where they are. RocSite’s innovative solutions have given us a significant edge in the competitive real estate market.”

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